We support our customers’ New Product Introduction (NPI) needs on both a turnkey and a consigned basis.

In some cases we act as a formal part of the customer’s NPI process going from the concept and design phase through to prototype, pre-production, and into full production.  We’re here to help with all stages of your product development and have assembled an experienced and professional team to provide assistance.  Once we have the materials necessary for the project, we are able to build prototypes rapidly if a fast turn is required.  We can use our production equipment and processes, or we can utilize our skilled second-operations people to hand-build product if needed.

We encourage customers to include us in a review of their projects while they are still in the design stage so we can provide feedback regarding Design for Manufacturability (DFM) prior to a prototype run.  During the actual prototype or pre-production run we continue to look for improvement opportunities to increase efficiency or improve manufacturability and provide recommendations to our customer for consideration.

We provide design for manufacturability reviews to our customers during the design phase at no cost.  Anything we can do to help promote an easier, simpler, faster, more reliable and repeatable assembly process helps both our customers and us to be more successful.