Ascentron offers both turnkey and consigned services and can provide a hybrid of the two through a partial turnkey program.

Most customers today are looking for a full turnkey solution, and this represents the bulk of our business.

Our materials group continually looks for ways to provide the best value to our customers. We have vendor-managed inventory (VMI) programs in our factory which are designed to benefit both our customers and us. We use domestic and foreign suppliers depending on our customer requirements and whichever makes the most economic sense, never compromising quality. We set stringent standards for all our suppliers and conduct supplier performance audits on a regular basis to assure all specifications and delivery requirements are met.

We utilize Silicon Expert at Ascentron and are able to monitor market availability, life cycle status, and regulation compliance for components we buy for customer products. We can alert customers to potential obsolete parts issues and can identify potential alternate parts for customers to consider.

Just as we work to build long lasting relationships with our customers and our employees, we also work to build long lasting relationships with our suppliers. These relationships are critical to building a successful business and being able to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.