Through the years, with our commitment to providing solutions for our customers, Ascentron has earned a reputation for successfully taking on unique and difficult to manufacture products.

We have developed expertise in several areas, including placing micro spring pins and edge mounted Mictor connectors on leading edge instrumentation and medical products. We have also developed an expertise in Flex Circuit Assembly.

Flex Circuit Assemblies come in many different forms from placing parts on 100% flex material to placing parts on mixed rigid and flex material. Flex Circuit material suppliers are critical to the successful assembly of these products and we have strong relationships with several suppliers. Handing these throughout the manufacturing process is also critical, and we design the custom tooling and processes which are usually required. We supply Flex Circuit Assemblies to customers in the Aviation, Medical, Military, Industrial, and Instrumentation industries. The Flex Circuit Assemblies that we manufacture can be found on large commercial airplanes from the world’s major airplane manufacturers, leading edge Medical EEG Brain Scanning Devices, Ruggedized Handheld Computers used by Industrial and Military customers, and on instruments used in the Semiconductor Industry.