Our factory has been working with through-hole PCB assemblies since 1982 and we're fully equipped to handle all types of through-hole components. We have extensive through-hole assembly capabilities supported by an array of component prep, wave solder and PCB cleaning equipment. We have both a dedicated RoHS line and equipment as well as a leaded solder line and equipment.

Below are details about our through-hole equipment and capabilities:

Nu/ERA Microprocessor Controlled Wave Soldering Machines (we have two – one dedicated to RoHS assemblies, the other to leaded solder assemblies):  These machines are designed to wave solder both through-hole printed circuit assemblies and mixed technology printed circuit assemblies having surface mount components on the bottom side of the board. Most of the critical functions and processes for this machine are monitored and controlled by a microprocessor. The machine utilizes five basic modules:

Fluxer module:  The leaded wave utilizes a foam fluxer mounted in a titanium tank. The flux stone is ceramic and the fluxer is adjustable using a pressure regulator. There is a cold air knife provided.  The RoHS wave utilizes a spray fluxer.

Preheater module: This module consists of two lower 36" black bodied low watt density IR emitter panels with individual section controls. It utilizes 18 1" wide strip emitters. This machine is also equipped with a six-foot topside convection preheater.

Solder module:  An automatic wave sensor is provided. The solder pot utilizes 865 pounds of solder. This machine has a dual wave, one laminar wave for conventional through-hole assemblies and one 'chip' nozzle for use when soldering SMT components to the bottom side of an assembly.

Conveyor module:  This machine is set up for left to right operation using a finger conveyor with 14" load guides. It has variable speed control and an 18" process width. Conveyor height is controlled and measured digitally. The fingers are titanium with Teflon wear strips.

Microprocessor module: The host computer is a standard IBM compatible PC with storage on a 40 Meg hard disk.  The microprocessor monitors and controls the following functions; the fluxer module, preheater module, various alarms, solder pot module, conveyor module, interior lighting, the exhaust fan, a board counter, and the job setup. The computer can store up to 2500 programmable parameter recipes on the hard disk.

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