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Testing Services

Ascentron offers complete assembly testing services with Flying Probe Test, in-circuit manufacturing defect analysis (MDA) testing and functional testing for PCB assemblies. We can also provide design for test review of your product and have developed and built functional test solutions for several customers. For box-build projects, we provide final product testing and burn-in capabilities.

We use a new state-of-the-art SPEA 4020 for our flying probe test needs, that is an excellent solution for complex PCBAs from prototype and low volume production up to some medium volume projects as well.  We use a CheckSUM MDA test platform for those customers that want a bed-of-nails test and that generally have medium to high volume projects.  The CheckSUM machines allow Ascentron to provide comprehensive bed-of-nails ICT MDA testing for printed circuit assemblies at a fraction of the tooling and programming costs that are associated with traditional ICT testers. We are also licensed to use Agilent’s touchless IC probing TestJet technology in our fixtures. As with all of our services, contact us today for more information.

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