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Our Facility
Ascentron is located in Southern Oregon between San Francisco and Portland on the I-5 corridor. Our 33,000 square foot facility is located just outside of Medford, Oregon. We are near the Medford Airport which has several direct flights daily to the following cities: Seattle; Portland; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Salt Lake City, and Denver.

We encourage new prospective customers to come visit our factory and see why this is a great place to do business.

Follow the path of production from receiving to shipping for a typical assembly:

Components are received on a daily basis. We have two separate receiving areas -- one for turnkey components and one for consigned components. Turnkey components are marked as received and sent to Incoming Quality Inspection (I.Q.C.).
All turnkey components are checked by I.Q.C. for value and any other pertinent specification against the manufacturers' data sheets. Components meeting specifications are placed into turnkey inventory. Consigned components are verified by description and consigned part number, and then placed into the customer's consigned inventory.
When a customer order is received, we generate a work order for that product. Material is pulled from inventory and audited into a kit for the work order. The kit is then staged for distribution to work centers throughout the plant.

Component prep is one of the first production processes to take place when work on a product begins. Thru-hole components are formed and trimmed to fit their locations on the PCB.

At the same time thru-hole components are processed in prep, surface mount components are delivered to the feeder cage. The feeder cage is where SMT components are set up on feeders and quick-exchange carts which dock with the SMT placement machines. The carts are then staged for the automated SMT lines.

Time on the surface mount lines is carefully scheduled and when it is time for a job to begin running, the staged components are quickly loaded onto the SMT machines. Automated stencil machines are set up and the product's heat profile is loaded on the reflow oven. The setup is double checked by our Quality department and production begins.

Slideline is the next stage in production. Thru-hole components are loaded onto the PCB and the assembly is prepared for wave solder.

At the solder wave, the product's specific heat profile is loaded and product is run through the machine. Some products will use our universal adjustable fixtures for support, while others use product-specific pocketed wave fixtures. The pocketed wave fixtures allow us to mask off the bottom side of the board and solder only specific components.

The wash process cleans the assembly of flux and any other contaminates using heated de-ionized (DI) water. Our wash process allows us to clean under components which sit off the board with very little clearance, such as BGAs and CSPs.

Solder Assembly, also known as 2nd Ops, is where we hand-add components that cannot be placed in SMT or soldered by the wave process.  Such hand-adds include non-hermetically sealed devices, components with special attach requirements, jumper wires, and various forms of light mechanical assembly.

Test is often a requirement for our customers' assemblies, and when discussing new products with our customers we encourage in-house test whenever possible. Tests range from simple open & shorts checking to more complex full functional testing with circuit tuning and on-board IC programming. We also feature Flying Probe testing on a new state-of-the-art SPEA 4020 Flying Probe Tester.  Assemblies which pass are given a stamp certifying they have passed the test requirements before moving on to our final Quality Assurance Inspection (Q.A).

Final Q.A. is one of the last processes for an assembly. Our Quality Control team performs a final inspection of the completed assembly and generates our certificate of compliance which will be included with the assembly when it ships to its final destination.

Finished products verified by our Q.A. department are packaged according to our customer's specifications. Everything from bulk packaging in protective anti-static materials to point-of-sale box packaging is included.

The last stage of the process is shipping. We add the quality certificate of compliance and prepare the product for delivery. We ship directly to our customers, or drop ship to a destination of their choosing. We ship via worldwide delivery services such as UPS, or any customer-specified carrier.

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