We can apply both spray and dip conformal coating and have a controlled heat/humidity chamber in place for curing temperature and/or humidity based cure coatings.  Infrared lamps are available for infrared curable coatings and for infrared inspection of applied coatings.

We have experience with potting into release molds and cased product pour & fill.  Our mixing and dispensing system can handle from five gallon to 55 gallon compound containers so we can match your volume needs with an appropriate amount of potting inventory.  We are capable of any mix ratio and have experience with heated compounds.    

We have provided conformal coating and/or potting on many products and have experience with the following:

Hydraulic fluid particle counters used on Navy Ships; aviation products; ultrasound equipment; test equipment; ruggedized hand-held computers used in the military; industrial controls used in outside settings; monitoring equipment and sensors used in sawmills; protective equipment for snowmobile riders; surge suppression products and solar energy inverters
The following are some materials we commonly work with: Conathane EN245 two part compound; IA20 Vrethane; RES-TECH 10379 & 00345; various silicone coatings; Humiseal 1B73 acrylic using both spray can and bulk applicators; Tech Spray 2104-12s using both can and bulk applicators.  We also offer Parylene coating through an outside source when needed.           

To find out more about our conformal coating and potting capabilities as well as our many other services, contact us today!

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