Ascentron has the capability to handle both leaded and lead-free applications for RoHS compliance.  We employ four state-of-the-art SMT lines, feature Dek and Ekra screen printers, Philips pick & place machines, and Conceptronic 10 zone convection ovens.  Ascentron combines state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment along with a highly qualified team of employees to produce superior quality product.  Our equipment will place the latest BGA packages; we’ve been placing 0201 package size components for many years and are now placing 01005 package sizes as well.  Special processes include components mounted on flex circuits, stacked components down to 0402, and BGA Part on Part (PoP) with one BGA placed on top of another BGA.  Ascentron also features a Nordson DAGE 5 Axis X-Ray with 0.5 micron feature recognition X-ray machine, a Metcal programmable BGA/CSP rework station, and BGA re-balling capability.

A large number of SMT component feeders allow us to have several jobs set up at a time for outstanding flexibility.  Our equipment also includes an advanced feeder exchange system (FES) which allows for quick set-ups and efficient change over of jobs. An automated optical inspection system (AOI) is used on SMT assemblies assuring accurate placement of all SMT components.

For details and a complete list of our equipment, click here.  To find out more about Ascentron's SMT capabilities or through-hole capabilities and our many other services, contact us today!

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