Materials Management

Ascentron offers both turnkey and consigned services and can provide a hybrid of the two through a partial turnkey program.  Many customers are looking for a full turnkey solution which has become the largest segment of our business.  We have many years of experience with turnkey projects and our purchasing group stands ready to fulfill our customers’ needs through experience, price-sensitive buying, and established vendor partners.

Our buyers constantly look for ways to provide the best value to our customers.  We have vendor-managed inventory programs in our factory which are designed to benefit both us and our customers.  We use both domestic and foreign suppliers, whichever makes the most economic sense, never compromising quality.  We set stringent standards for all our suppliers and conduct supplier performance audits on a regular basis to assure all specifications and delivery requirements are met.

We have two separate receiving areas, one for turnkey components and one for consigned components. Turnkey components are marked as received and sent to our Incoming Quality Inspection (I.Q.C.) area where they are checked for value and any other pertinent specification against the manufacturers’ data sheets.  Components that meet specifications are placed into turnkey inventory.  Consigned components are verified by description and consigned part number and placed into our customers’ consigned inventory.  We utilize a complete MRP system (MAX by Exact Software).

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